Our Philosophy

All People have a right to be a valued, responsible, and contributing part of their community. All People should not be valued for what they can do but for who they are.


Independence Networking Services attempts to promote the following basic human rights:

  • The right to normal risk taking in community experiences, employment and relationships. Risk taking is essential to normal growth and development.
  • The right to self-determination. If some-one else must take action on behalf of an individual; that individual’s personal choices, wishes and aspirations should be taken into consideration.
  • The right to respect and courtesy.
  • The right to socio-sexual education, responsibilities, and privileges.
  • The right to associate and to identify with others who have common interests, goals, and/or experiences.


Individuals will be provided with opportunities which will challenge their existing beliefs. In the event that the existing beliefs of the individual are harmful to themselves or others, new or replacement beliefs will be explored. Support Staff will use a variety of strategies to facilitate these changes, including advocacy, guidance and dialectical skills.


Guidance strategies include:

  • Assisting a person in making a decision rather than giving a solution.
  • Giving encouragement and spontaneous support. Offering positive reinforcement as an alternative or in addition to previously agreed upon artificial rewards.
  • Withholding a “normal” response in order to provide an opportunity for growth. Response will be free of punitive intentions or personal judgments.